Shall We Tell the President by Jeffrey Archer

Shall We Tell the President? - Jeffrey Archer

I was on vacation and Shall We Tell the President? by Jeffrey Archer was one of the books calling  to me from the bookshelf. I have read several of Jeffrey Archer’s books and will always grab another for my reading pleasure.


Shall We Tell the President?

Jeffrey Archer


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After years of great sacrifice and deep personal tragedy, Florentyna Kane’s has finally become the first woman president in America. But on the very day that she is sworn into office, powerful forces are already in motion to take her life.

The FBI investigates thousands of false threats every year. This time, a reliable source has tipped them off about an assassination attempt. One hour later, the informant and all but one of the investigating agents are dead. The lone survivor: FBI Special Agent Mark Andrews. Now, only he knows when the killers will strike. But how can he alone unravel a ruthless conspiracy—in less than one week? The race to save the first woman president begins now…


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I love Jeffrey Archer’s books and have read several of them. This was written decades ago and can still compete with the more sophisticated books of the present.


Marc Andrews is on his own to find out who wants the president dead. Time is running out as he tries to eliminate the suspects.The suspense builds as the danger closes in on him.


For conspiracy theorists, this is a book you will want to read. I always figure, it is someone close to you who poses the biggest threat, because you believe and trust them. They can look you in the eye as they lie and plot against you. Such is the case here. Be sure to look to your right, left, front and back as you turn the pages. You never know where the strike will come from.


I still think of the Kennedy assassination and whether or not there was a government conspiracy that brought him down. Why would that be so impossible to believe? Our government is no less greedy and corrupt than any third world country. How far would someone go to achieve their goal? Look around at present day events and you may find your answer.



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