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The Key of Amatahns - Elisabeth Wheatley


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thekeyofamatahns_LARGE In a land where those with magic are esteemed and revered, Janir guards a secret that would send her to the headsman’s block at a word. As one of the reviled Argetallams, she has the power to destroy enchantments and steal others’ magic—an ability that has caused bloodshed for generations.

Raised as the illegitimate daughter of an influential lord, she was determined to turn her back on her heritage, but when her power manifests, leaving a nobleman dead, she has no choice but to flee her adoptive home. In exile with the help of a fearless young enchanter and an elf sworn to protect her, she finds herself entangled in a quest to hide an ancient artifact from the kingdom’s enemies.

But they are not the only ones after the relic and soon their paths cross with a rival from Janir’s distant childhood. With no hope of help or rescue, the fate of nations will depend on a fifteen year old girl and her mastery of powers she doesn’t understand.


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The Key of Amatahn by Elisabeth Wheatley is her debut novel, and part of a trilogy. I have read her Fanged novellas and they blew me away, so I asked her for a copy of The Key of Amatahns. I am excited to embark on another adventure with this amazingly talented young author.


Janir and her mother were sent away from Adasha, but they never made it to their destination. Janir was saved by an elf and Amandius took her in. She is now a member of the Caersynn household, even though she is the daughter of the ruler of Argetallam.

The Argetallam are the Invincible. They feared and detested by all, because of their ruthlessness and powerful magic.


Lucan, Janir’s brother hated her. She is older, therefore would inherit the role of leader. He is mean, jealous, arrogant and self serving. I don’t think he would make a very good ruler. Lucan would do anything to find the Key and the Temple.


An unfortunate incident and she is on the run again, this time into the forest on her own. She meets up with Karile who appears to be a bumbling enchanter.


Saoven, an elf, is sent by Amandius to protect her and the three of them bond together to hunt for The Key To Amatahn.


The Key could lead to the world’s end if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

Once they have the Key, the pace picks up as they are chased through the woods, dodging evil and magic at every turn.


We have elves, wargs, mazag, dragons, enchanters… A cornucopia of magical creatures. And, of course, some mortals.


It took me a while to get into the swing of this fantasy adventure. As I figured out the different characters and the fantasy world Elisabeth Wheatley built. The characters became friends of mine and I cheered them on in their race to find the Key and the Temple it will unlock. I enjoyed the journey and would recommend The Key of Amatahn by Elisabeth Wheatley to all you fantasy lovers out there.


Janir, and Karile’s journey was a long, ugly, torturous one and it will not end here. The Key of Amatahn by Elisabeth Wheatley does not end with a cliffhanger, but leaves the story open for more fantasy adventure.


I received a copy of The Key of Amatahn by Elisbeth Wheatley in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Wheatley Pictures33_s1-cropped Elisabeth Wheatley began what would be her first novel at eleven and hasn’t stopped writing since. When she’s not daydreaming of elves, vampires, and/or hot guys in armor, she can be found wasting time on the internet, fangirling over her latest obsession, and pretending to be a functional citizen.

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