The Soul Eater is Coming to Rain of Ash by Gwen Mitchell

Rain of Ash: Skydancer Book 1 (The Zyne Legacy) - Gwen Mitchell

Rain of Ash by Gwen Mitchell has a lovely cover.


I love the light, ethereal and mystical “feel” of it.


But beware, for between the pages lies the supernatural and it can be a very dangerous place.

Rain of Ash: Skydancer Book 1

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Rain of Ash by Gwen Mitchell is a paranormal and supernatural tale of a curse, a legacy and Briana Spurrier, the Skydancer that will be called upon to defeat the demon. The story has been told before – good magic vs bad magic, but I lost myself in the fantasy world of demons, legacies, magic, danger and death created by Gwen Mitchell.


Briana had left her home, her passion the piano and her desire to be a concert pianist drove her to deny her heritage. But, the curse and her legacy was not be denied. When a disaster brought her home, she was at a disadvantage. She did not know the danger lurking at every turn.


Regrets, sure, she had plenty. Her powers had been bound, but even before she returned it was pushing through, entering her life and refusing to be denied – candles light on their own, doors close by themselves, precognition, psychic echoes, regressions, astral visits – makes me think of Charmed and Supernatural, a couple of TV shows all paranormal lovers like me know about.


Kean, it was as if his life restarted when she returned. But there was also Eric, who was in her “real” piano world. And Lucas, from a long ago past that she fought to forget. So I guess you could call this a quadrangle, but there is really only one…I think. :-)


I love Astrid, her best friend. Briana had thought she would hold a grudge because of abrupt departure, but it was almost as if they had never left. If you have ever had a best friend that lives far away, you will know what I mean. Distance and time make no difference, each time you meet it is if no one had every left.


The three friends band together and decide to form their own coven. The accidents are not accidents and they are determined to find the answers. They must plead their case before the council.


The magic world has its own set of rules and punishment. They cannot be allowed to run AMOK.


There were a couple of ceremonies that made me think of scenes on Supernatural – where they slash their palm, squeeze the dripping blood into the cup and drink it. Yuck.

The fading (orbing) made me think of Charmed.


I am liking the new coven, their backbone, confidence, strength and determination.

The Soul Eater comes for Geri and the battle goes into overdrive.  I can picture the fight from watching Charmed and Supernatural. The Soul Eater is deformed, a hunched, winged fanged, powerful demon able to raze a house and shred human flesh. It revels in the pain and anguish wreaked by its fangs and claws.


I love all the magic, the tension and pacing drawing me in. As the demons and witches, goblins and werewolves, Oracles and Soul Eater begin the battle for the relic and Brianna, I find myself wondering who will survive. Who will die? How many? Gwen is not afraid to kill off her characters in a brutal, horrific, gruesome way.


Rain of Ash started out okay, but when the Soul Eater came to visit and the action really began, the battle was so wildly, magically, horribly supernatural and fantastically charmed I became hooked on the series and am eager to read Book II.


I received a copy of Rain of Ash by Gwen Mitchell in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Gwen lives in Seattle with two spider plant clones (Rufus I and Rufus II) and an avocado plant named Alice. She studied biology and philosophy at the University of Washington in search of the meaning of life – she’s still working on that one. She’s a nature lover, science geek, and spiritual explorer, with a love of well-aged tequila and a pin-up fashion obsession.

When not hiking to hidden waterfalls, taking in a burlesque show, or otherwise cavorting through the Emerald City, Gwen can be found in her favorite cozy chair brewing tales of magic, murder, and romance.

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