Mind blowing Omnibus – Bones by Mark Wheaton

Bones Omnibus - Mark Wheaton

Cover: Stuart Cripps


The Bones Omnibus by Mark Wheaton is a collection of the complete Bones saga, consisting of nine “tails” of a Pittsburgh Police Department K-9 German Shepherd caught in a zombie apocalypse.

He goes through Hell as he battles to save the world.

Some of the stories are normal K-9 cop stories until..

We have the paranormal and the supernatural, along with some gruesome horror and dark fantasy,  making up this dsytopian collection.

The “tails” range from your run of the mill crooks to zombies, earthquakes and hordes of rats. Would you rather be killed quickly or eaten alive?

The characters, well, don’t get too attached. The star is Bones and the stories are his. I love this twist of the oft told zombie, end of the world apocalypse.

Bones is an amazing saga that I only put down when my eyes crossed making it impossible to keep reading. I read this 716 paperback in two days and my only complaint is…I did not want it to end!

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