Review: Paint the Town Dead by Sybil Johnson

Paint the Town Dead - Sybil E. Johnson

Paint the Town Dead is the second book in the Aurora Anderson Mystery series. This book can stand alone, but if you are just starting the series, why not start at the beginning?

Paint the Town Dead has its share of quirky characters and fun reading.

The rock through Rory’s window began her involvement in the Akaw hotel debacle. Her friend drops dead and the investigation comes to a halt. I am suspicious and feel something is very wrong. I’m glad Rory does too.

Liz, her best friend, works in real estate and has all the latest gossip on the who and what in town. Jasmine has narcolepsy and falls asleep at the oddest of times. The hunky detective could be a love interest, if she ever finds the time.

Paint the Town Dead by Sybil Johnson is predictable. I found no surprises and couldn’t really connect with the characters, don’t know why, but I enjoyed the mystery. The reading was easy, the story flowed smoothly and I had a chuckle or two at the characters expense.

I received a copy of Paint the Town Dead by Sybil Jonson in return for an honest review.

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