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Caelum: Olde City Angels Book 1 - Mandie Stevens

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Caelum by Mandie Stevens

Series: Olde City

Caelum by Mandie Stevens

Series: Olde City Angels #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Publication Date: July 13, 2015

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Cover:  Stepahnie Nelson

I love the sweet looking cover of Eva, a guardian angel that has trouble taking care of her charges. She’s a good angel, but she can’t seem to get things right. I feel her pain as her self doubts overwhelm her. She sounds a bit like us don’t you think?

She is teamed up with Thomas, who has no confidence in her whatsoever. Their mission is to save Elsie, a Fae who has been kidnapped for evil purposes.

We have action from the getgo and the intrigue begins.

Angels, supernaturals and humans coexist, sometimes with fatal results.

Can an angel love a vampire? Why not?

With Mandie’s descriptive writing, I could smell the hot chocolate and taste the chocolate cake. MMMM, my favorite.

I love this novella with its combination of supernaturals and humans that unite with a common goal, to stop the demon from coming through the veil and endangering Earth. I look forward to Ethereal, Book II coming soon.


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