Giveaway & Review – White Light by Anna Simpson

White Light - Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson’s wonderful cover for White Light has so much going on, I have to tear my eyes away to get to the story.

At first glance it’s all nice and cozy, but it doesn’t stay that way.





Publisher: Three Worlds Press


Genre: Cozy


White Light by Anna Simpson is a fun cozy with unique and quirky characters that kept me laughing at their antics as the mystery grows. We have plenty of suspects, colorful characters and the beginnings of a romance.

The writing kept me caught between the serious and the comical and I enjoyed being there. Anna Simpson’s ability to bring the words to life through her descriptive writing could make me feel as if I was there, sharing some of Emma’s experiences, feeling what she felt. I had my thoughts of who did what, but Anna did not let me know the answers too soon. Great job keeping me waffling back and forth.

I received an ARC of White Light by Anna Simpson in return for an honest review.

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