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We started the Classics initiative because we were fed up with poor quality eBooks of classic pieces that could be downloaded easily but were disappointing in terms of their visual quality on mobile devices and had no interesting art to compliment their beauty. We thought that it would be really amazing to cooperate with some talented freelance designers and create new, interesting covers for the classic pieces readers most love.



NDZW -’s first collaboration with NDZW was a huge one. He was responsible for drawing our “How it works” video, which was created in one night. The whole production involved a film crew with a director, producer, master gaffer, and voice, visual effects and sound mastering specialists. It was held in our founder - Michał Kiciński’s - 19th-century fort, bought by him a few years back. His is responsible with original covers for Alice's adventures by Lewis Carroll. Read more...


Weronika Kolinska
- lives and develops her career as a freelance artist in Budapest. She works with paper as well as digital painting. She also designs graphic materials for Open Cages - a Polish association that aims to end factory farming (fur, meat and dairy) and promotes veganism. We’re very happy that she’s been able to find time in her schedule to design such great pieces, like the cover of Jane Austen novels or classic horrors. Read more...

All eBooks in Classics section are created by team members and independent artists that collaborate with us. By paying what you want you allow us to bring back more pearls of literature to life and reward talented illustrators.