Saturday Shorts – She is the Prime Target by Ellis Vidler

Prime Target - Ellis Vidler

Prime Target by Ellis Vidler is a thriller and suspense novel that had me on pins and needles as I hid out with Grace.


Are you safe in WitSec?


Prime Target




All I can say is Ellis Vidler outdid herself with this awesome story filled with suspense, thrills and romance. What do a stray dog, a severely damaged veteran and a wanted woman have in common?


It all started with, “Maddie, come home right now. I’m in trouble.”


It was the end of life as she knew it. Now she is on the run and even WitSec is not safe. She is the Prime Target and they come at her like the Mafia of old, determined to take her out. Imagine looking over your shoulder, unable to sleep, jumping at the slightest noise, forgetting to answer to your name and looking at everyone you meet with suspicion.


Who would you be if you could reinvent yourself?


I love stories with strong women in difficult situations. Ellis Vidler took me into a world that I can believe is real with her creative writing and ability to keep me guessing as to what comes next. The story was predictable, but the journey, not so much. She adds those extra flourishes that touch my emotions and keep the pacing of the book at a high level of sorrow, romance, danger, terror and…I do love a happy ever after.


I would highly recommend Prime Target by Ellis Vidler.


It even contains a bit of humor along with a lot of suspense:


“They shot Frank again.” I couldn’t help but bust out laughing. I mean, how many times can you kill a guy?



Goodreads Blurb:  Suspense with a love story. Adult language and situations. After witnessing her husband’s murder, Madeleine Schier becomes a killer’s target. She flees her upscale New York life to become a name on a tombstone, relying on her wits and imagination to survive in a world where danger is everywhere. One wrong move could be her last. Should she trust the damaged recluse who’s always near? Before long, her new life turns into her old nightmare when crimes that were once distant horrors on the nightly news turn up on her doorstep.

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