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The Academy - Robert Dugoni

The Academy is the first story (a short) of the Tracy Crosswhite series by Robert Dugoni.


The simple cover tells me a lot. What does it say to you?


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The Academy: A Short Story




The Academy is a short story that shows the determination and fortitude in one woman’s story to serve a higher purpose.


After the disappearance of her sister, Tracy chose her mission in life, to become a police officer. Her ultimate goal was to be the first woman detective in homicide.


The need to have a woman on the Seattle police force opened a door her.


The Academy reads as if it is a true story of the good ol’ boy network in police departments all over the country. She held her own against the bigoted and sexist assholes that did all they could to make her life a living hell. And through it all, she goes above and beyond to help a fellow female officer.


Tracy takes no shit, but goes about fighting her battle in the right way. My feelings of respect and admiration for her makes me want to read more. I can only think her story will get better. I would recommend The Academy to all those who are looking for inspiration and a happy ending.

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