Bette Lee Crosby’s What The Heart Remembers Review

What the Heart Remembers: Memory House Collection, Book Three (Memory House Series 3) - Bette Lee Crosby

Bette Lee Crosby’s What The Heart Remembers is Book III in the Memory House Collection. I have been a fan of Bette Lee’s work since I first began reviewing and blogging in 2012 and remain so, eagerly anticipating each new story.


I love the softness of the cover and will happily travel to Paris with Max. I am excited to learn her story.




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I was very excited to hear Bette Lee has another book for the Memory House Collection, What The Heart Remembers. The Memory House Collection is like a warm pair of arms on a cold winter’s night and I look forward to snuggling under my comfy blanket and beginning to read. I am very eager to learn Max’s story.


I feel these books can stand alone, and familiar characters occasionally return, popping in and out of the stories. Many have gifts, so it is no surprise they find each other and become close friends. 


Ophelia had expected the memories to stay with the house she had given to Annie, but you know what happens with expectations and assumptions. They don’t always turn out the way you plan. Max Martinelli would find out…and so would I.


Max’s story starts when she returns to the States from Paris, but Julienne never showed up as expected. Here we are with expectations again. Do we all do that? Do you? Do you put your life on hold…waiting? Max did. There is only one thing to do…a trip to Paris is in order.


But…you can never go back. Have you ever been to your school reunion or went to visit the house you lived in thirty years ago? Everything changes and life would be pretty boring if it didn’t, don’t you think?


This is one of those times that my expectations might have bushwhacked me. Maybe they were too high, but Max’s story fell a bit flat for me.


Max…what can I say about Max. I first met her in The Loft and she came across as a strong and confident woman, taking nothing from noone, independent and self sufficient. As I read on, to me, she came across as wussy and in denial, unwilling to see the truth. I know her trip to Paris will not turn out like she plans, but Bette always manages to put in a twist or two that keeps me on my toes, a way of spinning the tale to make me feel there is hope and a happy ever after for all of us.


Her books I’ve read have mostly been 5s with a 4 or two thrown in, but I was disappointed with this one. Maybe my expectations were too high. After all, expectations leave us open to disappointment. This is still a worthy book and one you will want to add to your Memory House Collection.


I never fear, there is always the next book…Baby Girl.


I received a copy of What The Heat Remembers by Bette Lee Crosby in return for an honest review.

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