Monday Mini – A ray of hope in Mutation Z: Drones Overhead by Marilyn Peake @marilynpeake

Mutation Z: Drones Overhead - Marilyn Peake

I have been eating up Marilyn Peake’s zombie series, Mutation Z. This is the fourth book, Mutation Z: Drones Overhead, and the story continues at an M & Ms pace, I gobble them up.


You may not be so hungry after sharing dinner with some of these guys.


If you are a zombie, conspiracy, genetic engineering lover, you can check out the series with Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies, #1, FREE.


Mutation Z is now available in boxed sets for .99. Check them out and my reviews below.


Mutation Z: Drones Overhead (Mutation Z, #4)

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Mutation Z: Drones Overhead by Marilyn Peake is the fourth novella in this zombie series that had me feeling like upchucking one minute and kicking ass the next.


Journalist Hunter Morgan awoke in McAllen, Texas, and remembered the massacre. As he raged, tearing apart the cell he had been placed in, they shot him with a tranquilizer dart…but there is a ray of hope and it is more important than ever he survive.


The virus is reaching epidemic proportions and a madman is running the Zombie Hunters.


The situation becomes more dangerous. Isolated and housebound, they plot their next course of action. They had to stop THEM before the situation reached an apocalypse, wiping out humanity.


Can it be stopped? Is it already too late?


With governments running AMOK, the media spewing lies and terror, the zombie population growing and the attempt to stop them reaching a level of savagery nobody could have foreseen, the clock is ticking and time is running out.


Maybe it is was me, but I didn’t feel the level of urgency that I felt leading up to #4. Maybe because, in Drones Overhead, we cover details of how they stay hidden, what they do to disguise themselves, and planning what comes next. We can’t be running willy nilly or no one will survive.


Needless to say, I can hardly wait to read Mutation Z: Dragon in the Bunker, #5. The title alone makes me think something even more terrible is going to go wrong (if such a thing is possible) and I want to be there!


I received a copy of Mutation Z: Drones Overhead by Marilyn Peake in return for an honest review.

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