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The Body Market (Leine Basso Thriller #3) - D.V. Berkom

This awesome cover for The Body Market by DV Berkom grabbed me and never let me go. It is a story of human trafficking, which unfortunately, is still very active in the 21st Century. I love a strong female protagonist and Leine Basso fits that bill very nicely as she battles them.


The Body Market

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The Body Market’s title, cover, tagline and DV Berkom’s name as the author, tells me this is a story I can hardly wait to read. The Body Market is one novel in the Leine Basso series, but all the books can stand alone. The characters are ongoing, growing and changing with each book, becoming more complex, with all their foibles exposed.


A rich couple, too busy for their teenage daughter, will learn the pain and anguish of discovering their child is missing, possibly in a foreign county. And, Elliza, the pretty, rich American teenager will pay the penalty for partying in Mexico. She is the ditzy blond you hear about.


I used to read  a lot of Mafia books in their heyday and I love assassins, especially a strong female one, like Leine Basso.


Leine Basso is kicking cartel ass from the opening pages. She is stubborn and will rebel when threatened. She is learning to live a real life instead of always running off to her next assassination. I love that she kite surf’s with her main man, Santiago Jensen. Santiago is new to monogamy and attempts to romance Leine. Don’t you love a man who cooks for you? I am lucky to have one of those too. I love the dialogue between them, at times humorous and fun.


She works for SHEN – Stop Human Enslavement Now and he is an LAPD Robbery/Homicide detective. I lam in favor of her idea of hand grenades and flamethrowers for dealing with sex traffickers.


I was surprised Leine didn’t know about the bad guy…but I cannot say more.


If you are looking for action from the getgo and a story that will have your blood boiling and your emotions running AMOK, pick up The Body Market. Leine Basso will have you kicking ass and taking names as she makes the bad guys pay. Will she be in time to rescue Elize? You will have to find out for yourself.


I received a copy of The Body Market from DV Berkom in return for an honest review

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BONUS:  DV Berkom has shared a short story – Privilege. I knew where the story was going, but I loved every word of it anyway. Just shows you should be VERY careful what you wish for. You may get it, but it may haunt you for the rest of your life. 5 STARS




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