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Hidden Chamber of Death: Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series - Hawk MacKinney



Don’t let the cover for Hidden Chamber of Death by Hawk MacKinney fool you. This story is darker than you think.


A death brings ex-Navy seal, Craige Ingram, and Terri, a recent widow and bank examiner, together. Embezzlement puts Terri smack dab into the middle of danger. Craige will come to the rescue, which is what I expect from a hero. :-) Craige is a great guy. He takes you as you are, no bigotry, no judgments.


A grizzly murder and a psycho serial killer always catch my attention. I find out early who the killer is but there is more going on than murder. A death starts an inquiry into the bank records that someone desperately wants to keep quiet.


A bit of romance, a psycho serial killer, greed, embezzlement…it’s all good to me.


I’m not sure what it was about the writing, but it seemed a bit slow and I stumbled off and on…BUT, the ending makes it all worth it, so read on. I will be looking for the next adventure into the Vault of Secrets.


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  3 STARS


I received a copy of Hidden Chamber of Death by Hawk MacKinney in return for an honest review.




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