Saturday Shorts Review – Water & Fire @DemelzaCarlton

Water and Fire - Demelza Carlton

Water & Fire is a prequel novella to the Ocean's Gift series by Demelza Carlton. My introduction to the series was through a tour for Ocean's Gift and I am happy to read Belinda's story and get to know her better.



Recommended for Adults.

What do Belinda, Aidan and Lin have in common?

Belinda is a midwife at the Albany Regional Hospital in Australia. She handles things in a calm, matter of fact manner, not allowing anyone to know...

Lin delivers more than TLC at the hospital and I couldn't help laughing when Belinda caught her bedhopping all over the hospital.

Aidan is an intern and...

The Nannup Tiger is a native species of Australia, thought to be extinct.

Fact or fiction? Fact, but..

I believe we'll find out...

Water and Fire is a fun and romantic paranormal story that had me smiling and...well, I'll leave that to your imagination. The reading is easy and the writing whimsical. At times the heat builds and the story turns sweet and sexy.

I love a good mermaid story and I read Ocean's Gift before Water and Fire, so I had already met Belinda. I was happy to get more insight into her character.

Demelza shares hints of so much more sprinkled throughout Water and Fire, enticing me, the reader, to want to know more.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars

My 5 Star Review for Ocean's Gift

Ocean's Gift made me teary eyed as I was left with the most awful cliffhanger imaginable...for a mermaid story. the sea...

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