Women Take Justice into Their Own Hands in Thirteen to None @ceebee308

Thirteen to None (VIGILANTE Series) - Claude Bouchard

The gorgeous cover makes me feel I am stepping into EVIL in Thirteen to None by Claude Bouchard. Women take justice and there are no holds barred.

I was soooooo right!

Thirteen to None (Vigilante, #8)



Thirteen to None by Claude Bouchard is the 8th book in the Vigilante series. Even though it is a series, it is not necessary to read them in order. It is also the #3 Kindle Bestseller in Vigilante Justice and I can see why. I have watched and rewatched and rewatched Charles Bronson in his vigilante series. I love it…when justice is not served, sometimes it is necessary to take the law into our own hands.


The events take place in a week’s time and Thirteen to None is jam-packed with action.

It starts out with a gang of thirteen sadistic killers leaving two burned bodies in their wake. When their men are taken…next on the blood thirsty killer list of victims…three women make it their mission to rescue them.


Thirteen to None contains some great twists that add that extra bit, making a novel stand out from the rest. This shocking thriller has a fantastic cast of characters, whether they are the lowest of the low or some of the most heroic and determined females I have had the pleasure to know. I am amazed at the story Claude Bouchard has created and wonder why I haven’t read his work before.


The storyline was written in an engrossing way, leaving me unable to put the book down until the last page had been read. Stupendous job, Claude! I want more.

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