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A Piece of You (Sami Rizzo series Book 3) - D.M. Annechino

I was very excited when I won a signed paperback of A Piece of You by D M Annechino. I love books about psycho serial killers and HE is a doozy. Suspense thrillers are my favorite genre and even the cover tells me this story may hold a piece of my heart. I love jigsaw puzzles and look forward to finding that missing piece.


My thanks go out to D M Annechino and IReadBookTours.


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A Piece of You by D M Annechino has all the elements I love, from the bloody cover with the missing piece, to the serial killer running AMOK within the pages. I mean…with a line like this:

He opened his duffle bag and removed a hacksaw, a utility knife and a thick towel. He whisered into her ear as if she was still alive. “I’m so sorry Theresa…All I  want is A Piece of You.”

in the opening pages, I am HOOKED.


Sometimes when the justice system lets them down, a vigilante thinks it is up to them to right the wrong. HE is making a horrific statement and feels he has nothing to lose. I feel so bad for HIM, but no matter how I twist it, this cannot end well for him and rightly so.


A Piece of You also tells Sami’s story. Have you ever wondered how big someone’s heart can be? When it comes to Sami, the answer is HUGE! . I could not do what she does and I love her for it.


Sami is a tough and righteous homicide detective that will not be swayed from doing the right thing. For some reason, serial killers have become her specialty.


A Piece of You is the third book in the Sami Rizzo Thriller series, but reading out of order didn’t affect my enjoyment. The blanks are filled in and it only makes me want to go back and read what I missed.


I know the story and writing is fantastic, when it makes me fall in love with the villain, feeling his anguish, but knowing no matter what he does, his actions are futile and the price he will pay is high and I cannot stop reading, wondering how it will end.


I want more of Sami Rizzo’s and D M Annechino’s stories and I want them now.

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Homicide Detective Sami Rizzo is at it again! She never dreamed “America’s Finest City,” would be tormented by yet another serial killer, but for the third time in the last five years a depraved maniac is stalking the streets of San Diego. Based on her qualifications and prior successes dealing with multiple murders, who else would Captain Davison assign to head the investigation? Different from Sami’s past experiences, this fanatic is like no other. His methods of killing defy everything profilers think they know about serial killers. As an intense investigation begins and bits and pieces of evidence emerge, no one can understand his motivation. He’s merciful, yet brutal. And just to make things even more confusing, all of his victims are blood-related. Is he settling a vendetta? Did he randomly pick a name out of the phone book and begin a rampage? Or is there a deeper story? Based on very little evidence and a lot of gut instincts, Detective Rizzo pieces together a complex puzzle and narrows the field of possible suspects. She learns that the killings may connect in some way to powerful people within the judicial system and doesn’t know who to trust. Ultimately, she comes face to face with the killer for a battle of brain and brawn. Can she outwit the shrewd killer, or will she be his next victim?


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