Giveaway & Review – Deadly Dunes by E Michael Helms

Deadly Dunes (A Mac Mcclellan Mystery) - E. Michael Helms


Everything about Michael and Mac speaks to me. We like a lot of the same things and I am eager to get this adventure on the ‘road’.
Mac reminds me of Tom Selleck in Jesse Stone and Magnum PI. He’s not the perfect hero, but he gets the job done. I don’t mind a flawed character, in fact, it makes him seem real to me.
I’m glad that he considers the Florida Panhandle the ‘Forgotten Coast.’ I love it here.
A visit for Mac turned into a move and it was his good fortune to meet Kate, a feisty, fun gal who won his heart. His managerial tone of voice rang familiar to me. I have one of those at home.
Michael Helms jumped right into the mystery Mac is hired to solve, when the professor of archaeology at Florida State University is murdered. I think we may be going on a treasure hunt.
As the bodies mount, greed raises its ugly head. Is anybody telling the truth…about anything?
I love the fun and lively banter between Mac and Kate. Romance and mystery seem to go hand and hand for me and Michael Helms has a good supply of that. Their personalities shine through making me want more of them. The location is familiar to me and adds a little something extra to the story. I loved tromping through the ditches and climbing trees with Mac. There was so much going on, I had to wait for the package to be wrapped up for me. I love when I can’t figure everything out for myself. A perfect read the season.
I recieved a copy of Deadly Dunes by E Michael Helms in return for an honest review.
  4 Stars
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