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Marionettes - Kerry Alan Denney





The creepy cover of Marionettes by Kerry Alan Denney hints at the story inside. This supernatural thriller has enough twists and turns to keep me reading and marveling at the thought provoking scenarios David is forced to work through as he battles the evil lurking around every corner.


David Flint awoke in a hospital bed, confused and struggling to remember what happened. All he could think was WTH is going on. Have you ever had an out of body experience? David Flint has, but it goes so much further than that…he is the Marionette Man. He can mind jump. He not only knows what people think and feel, but he can control their actions.


I loved the scene in the hospital with the junkie. I wonder if I would have done the same…or worse, but you will have to read the book to find out more.


The Marionettes takes place in Gulfport, Mississippi, a place I know very well. In fact I just returned from a trip there on Tuesday. I know the devastation of a hurricane, which is what killed David Flint. His wife had died in a senseless accident some time before but her family still welcomed him with open arms. Eleana, his mother-in-law, is a hurricane force of her own, giving and well intentioned. Benny, his father-in-law, has a funny streak and is quite the comic, but can be counted on when needed. Shaina, his sister-in-law, has always been in love with him, yet she is determined to be his best friend, if that is what he needs to recover from Karin’s loss. She suffers from Karin’s loss too. She is quite the character and I wonder what their relationship will be.


When David Flint pisses off the wrong guy who is capable of so much more than David, I wonder how he could come out of this alive. The evil grows and challenges every resource he has.


I chuckled at the shower scene…and it’s 5 0’clock somewhere, so if David’s having a beer, I don’t want him to drink alone…so CHEERS.


What would be the repercussions of mind jumping? What moral and ethical dilemmas would arise? Maybe some secrets are best kept.


Marionettes makes me ask the question, “How far would I go to save the ones I love?”

I haven’t read a story quite like Marionettes and I love it. Kerry Alan Denney’s imagination and creative writing lend the story a sense of reality and brought mind jumping to life as I wondered if I would be able to follow the straight and narrow or would I bend the rules for my own personal gain? As David deals with his demons Kerry Alan Denny gives me food for thought and I feel the questions will linger long after I finish reading


I will be checking out more of Kerry Alan Denney’s award winning work and I look forward to taking another fantastic adventure through the pages with him.


I received a copy of Marionettes by Kerry Alan Denney in return for an honest review.

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