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The Eaters: Book One: Origin - Corrie Brundage

TheEaters300RGBThe Eaters by Corrie Brundage



The cover for The Eaters by Corrie Brundage is so eerily intriguing that I can hardly wait to share the marvelous story inside with you. What do you think of the cover? What do you think the story will entail?



Dr Mina Brice works with non human species. She has a special relationship with animals, a telepathy of sorts. She is heading into the dangers of Nigeria. I am right there with her, with the animals, with the people and with Jack MacConnell, a hot and sexy doctor. Her fantasies run wild when she thinks of Jack and so do mine. Will there be a romance? It sounds like they will make a great team, so…Let’s see what kind of trouble will befall them.

Mina is a klutz. It makes her very human to me, until…She dies in a tsunami, awakening 500 years later in Utopia. Now, she is a clone, but not a “normal” clone. How? Why? Did Jack make it? Are things too good to be true? The saying: If it seems too good to be true applies. There is always a cost.


Due to climate change, global warming and animal extinction, she wonders if anyone is “out there”, watching. We did this to ourselves, so why would they save us if they were?

The Eaters by Corrie Brundage sent alarm bells ringing in my head. I am always looking for conspiracies and The Eaters raises many questions making me wonder about my own reality. I am super curious about this series. I love when reality crashes into science fiction and fantasy. It makes we wonder what will become of us, considering how badly we treat our world. I can see where the main storyline is going, but the parts and pieces along the way twisted and turned and I am LOVING it. Aliens….clones….


I was engrossed early on, quickly involved and I believe much trouble is coming her way.  As my suspicions arise, so does my anticipation of what is coming. The pace picks up as the questions increase, my doubts growing.


I loved this original and creative world written by Corrie Brundage and can hardly wait to see where she takes the series. This 260 page paperback copy was jam packed with aliens and science fiction goodness, suspense, danger and romance. The characters…well…if you are like me, some you will love and some you will hate, but they all have their contribution to make to this fantastic story. The conclusion was abrupt, but I can live with it, even if it ended here and now….but wait…there’s more, so stay tuned for the next book in the series.


I received a copy of The Eaters by Corrie Brundage in return for an honest review.

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