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Icy Passage - Ann Gimpel

Antarctica…Brr, cold just thinking about Icy Passage by Ann Gimpel. So, I’ll put on some warm clothes because the adventure is about to begin. Could this be a Twilight Zone episode?

Icy Passage

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Icy Passage by Ann Gimpel

Dream Shadow Press

110K words

Release Date: 2/29/16

Genre: Supernatural thriller romance



Icy Passage by Ann Gimpel is a paranormal, science fiction romance that I would recommend for adults. I find it funny that tourists travel there, buying kick knacks and such. I can think of so many other places I woud go, like a warm sandy beach with palm trees.


We start right out with trouble at the US base, McMurdo, in Antarctica. Micah’s study was running wild, causing two deaths. Archaea – pyro karyotes, microorganisms. You don’t need to know all the technical details to know something hinky is going on with them. Are they sentient? Help is on the way in the form of Brynn and Kayna.


Kayna is an MD, but she also has special abilities, paranormal abilities. She has a raven for a spirit guide. I love how she describes herself as a flaming bitch, saying what she thinks as she sees it. Her curt manner rubs people the wrong way at times. Sounds a bit like me.. LOL


Brynn’s getting on a ship with his archaea, leaving South Georgia Island, heading to McMurdo. Kayna is on the same ship, heading to the same place. What follows is predictable, but I am so happy to be on the journey with them anyway. I couldn’t help but chuckle when they first met. The immediate attraction goes both ways.


Kayna is strong, loyal and committed. Brynn is the hero, the knight in shining armor we would all want by our side in times of danger. He accepts on faith that there is more than meets the eye, conquering his fear, willing to fight to the death to save her. I love that Brynn is a supernatural fan, so he fits right in.


Her dead father has his own agenda and they will come to blows.


Chris is a great guy, flawed, but friendly, like the little puppy that follows you around, wanting to be your friend. He became a character that I admired and looked forward to seeing.


As if the archaea aren’t enough of a problem, World War III looms on the horizon. How far will the United States and Russia go to make their point?


Celtic and Chinese lore and mythology converge, creating a wonderful paranormal fantasy. An icy world, days without sun, WWIII and nuclear weapons, the Shama’s dragon spirit, magic, traveling between here and the Otherworld.


The writing makes this combination of genres read as if it could really happen. Even some of the less desirable peripheral characters step up to the plate when challenged. The romance is hot and steamy, loving as if there may be no tomorrow. Maybe it is more than their hearts and bodies talking to each other. Maybe it is their magic too.

If you think everything is connected, this book will make you a believer.


Check out Ann Gimpel’s bio. Could her camera contribute to her inspiration?


I received a copy of Icy Passage by Ann Gimpel in return for an honest review.

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