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LAST LIGHT: a Beacon Falls novel featuring Lucy Guardino (Beacon Falls Mysteries Book 1) - CJ Lyons

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I love the simple cover for Last Light by C J Lyons and it has all the essentials, telling me the story will be a mystery and I do love my mysteries. It is books like Last Light by C J Lyons that are at the top of must read mountain of reading material. I loved the way the real story began…the hook. Now,.on to how we get there.


I meet the characters and feel their realness. I am being drawn into their lives, even though I was already hooked on the storyline.


Lucy used to be an FBI agent, who now works with an inexperienced crew she will shape and form to solve Cold Cases. I am a huge fan of the Cold Case Files and other crime shows, fact and fiction.


As soon as Lucy and TK got together, I felt they would click, but they both have to prove themselves to each other, above the rest of the ‘team’. I feel these two characters, each with their own flaws, weaknesses and strengths, will become tight.


I love Lucy, a person I may have been able to become, but TK is my fave…hard, pushing herself, untrusting, a loner. A person I would come to admire and respect. She is impulsive, loyal, fearless, teachable and learns from her mistakes.


A small town with asset forfeiture is a side story that had me very pissed off. It all sounds bad…is it corrupt? I can’t talk about the forfeiture storyline because I want you to experience if for yourself. I do want to mention it, because it really got me going. Just enough of a tease here and there to keep me anticipating the hammer to drop on the gang.


The suspects list kept growing and had me guessing. I can see the story playing out and I can hardly wait to get to know how the characters will solve the puzzle. I think they are the true story, above and beyond the mystery.


Last Light by C J Lyons did not blow my mind but it does have all the elements for a fantastic read and I want more of Lucy’s adventures.


I received a copy of Last Light by C J Lyons in return for an honest review.

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