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Silenced in the Surf (A Pacific Northwest Mystery Book 3) - Kate Dyer-Seeley




Silenced in the Surf by Kate Dyer Seeley is a fun cozy mystery that will have you boarding on the water and sunbathing on the sand as you watch some hunks strut their stuff. We have plenty of mystery to keep you guessing, with characters you will love and love to hate. So, jump in, the water’s fine.

Meg volunteered for the King of the Hook assignment in Hood River, Oregon. It doesn’t take long for her to get in trouble, alone and struggling with the windsurfing board, she comes across his dead body. It wasn’t quite the shock you would think, seeing she is no stranger to dead bodies.



I can relate to her, trying new things, not that in to style, sort of a blow and go kind of girl. She loves vintage clothes and the only vintage I have is the old ones hanging in my closet from years ago.


I love her gang of Matt, her best boy friend, Jill, her best girl friend, and her Gam, her grandmother. She is a hoot, a new age, paranormal character that worships the sun and sand. How could I, a fellow worshiper, not fall in love with this wild and adventurous woman?


The writing makes this read real, like the trouble print papers are in now that so many people get their news online. Something aspiring journalists need to take to heart. Press credentials…love ’em. I have traveled and gained access to places I never would have done or seen without them.


Silenced in the Surf is a light paranormal cozy mystery that shares some of the real. I have a love of the water and agree that we are the caretakers, so if you bring it in, take it out. I like the subtle talk of safety and keeping the beaches clean.


We have plenty of suspects to go around and Kate Dyer Seeled will keep you guessing, It’s him, no it’s her, no it’s him…

There is more than one storyline, so you won’t find all the answers to her questions, but you will find THIS one. I don’t believe my reading suffered because I didn’t start at the beginning, though I will now, and I am looking forward to reading through the entire series.


A wonderful series to add to your summer reading list.


BONUS: Travel tips for visiting Hood River, Oregon.


I received a copy of Silenced in the Surf by Kate Dyer Seeley in return for an honest review.

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