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Rising Tides - Katy Haye

The cover for Rising Tides by Katy Hate is simple, yet captivating and makes me so curious about what is inside. If you want to know, be sure and check out my review below.


What do you think about the cover?

Rising Tides Cover LARGE EBOOK

Rising Tides by Katy Haye

Genre: YA Post-Apocalyptic

Release Date: June 20th 2016




I couldn’t resist the alluring cover for Rising Tide by Katy Haye. I am a “cover girl” and can be drawn in by the cover alone. BUT when a story includes water…I dive in with a smille on my face, wanting to get the lowdown.


The world building for Rising Tide is so creative and original that I was caught offguard. I love Katy Haye’s ability to bring it to life through words. For example, their meals are mostly algae, with occasional scavenged goods from the ocean floor. What are they doing on the ocean floor, you ask? Well…you will have to read Rising Tide to find out.


Libby is a doctor trainee, raised by her father, and naive to the real world. Her life is planned, but things happen and she will need to grow up fast.


Cosimo wants to be a Nautilus man and when they meet, trouble arises. What is a Nautilus man? Did Cosimo bring the danger? Why is her father being so secretive?


Libby’s world opens up to her and she and Cosimo vow to save the reapers, and by doing so save themselves.


I cannot help but stress Katy Haye’s ability to make the world in Rising Tide come to life. I do not want to elaborate, because it is so unique and creative, I feel anyone that cares about our ocean and seas, the mountains of trash being built and global warming, will love learning about it on their own.


The characters are the privileged and the downtrodden…sound familiar?


Rising Tide by Katy Haye is a wild adventure of survival, sacrifice and young love. Give me more Katy.


I received a copy of Rising Tide by Katy Haye in return for an honest review.

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