Guide to Fifty of the World’s Best Cocktails by Julianne McLean & Mark Lynch

Cocktails and Mock-Tales - Julianne McLean, Mark Lynch


Title:  Cocktails & Mock-Tales
Authors: Julianne McLean & Mark Lynch
Publisher: ASJ Publishing
Pages: 90
Genre: Humor



Cocktails and Mock – Tales by Julianne McLean and Mark Lunch is a hilarious look at beverages that will wet your whistle while tickling your funny bone.


You don’t need to be tipsy to have some laughs while you learn about the origins of some of the most popular alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.


The accompanying graphics are colorful and comical. I believe they will pull a smile or two from you, so why not mix a tasty beverage to while away the summer hours as Julianne and Mark entertain and educate you.


I received a copy of Cocktails and Mock – Tales from Julianne McLean and Mark Lunch in return for an honest review.

5 Stars


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