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Girl of Mine - Taylor Dean, Jules Isaacs

I have been following Taylor Dean since I first read her paranormal series Lancaster House. She writes some amazing clean romance stories that brings tears to my eyes.


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Taylor Dean is an award winning author that is at the top of my must read list and Girl of Mine is another one of her clean romance novels that tugged at my heartstrings. I must warn you, though…. a box of tissues is required.


One month before her wedding, Jill was jilted. Now…HE’s back, continuing to break her heart.


Why is Lucas so desperate to talk to her NOW?


Jill is still in love with Lucas, so why is she engaged to another man? That is something you will have to read the book to find out.


I wonder how Taylor will HOOK me…and now I see.


The characters are complex and intertwined in a complicated scenario. Of course, I felt bad for Jill, but I felt equally as  bad for Lucas, even though it was his own fault. He made the choice to walk away.


Guilt, manipulation and miscommunication lead to a tangled web…isn’t that like real life? It is Taylor Dean’s ability to write and make it believable that allows me to become so involved in her characters and bring them to life on the pages.


Even a ‘bad guy’ can be good…can’t he? I love flawed characters. It makes them more interesting to me. I wonder if they can redeem themselves…


Jill’s childish and pouty behavior gave me some chuckles and I find romance and humor go together in real life, so it is easy to relate to her.


Girl of Mine by Taylor Dean has everything I need for a wonderful romance. Love, heartbreak and bliss, with a happy ever after. Her writing makes me laugh, cry, wring my hands in frustration as I want to yell at the characters, “Hey guys…you need to communicate.” I love that her stories leave me with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction when I turn the last page.


I received a copy of Girl of Mine from Taylor Dean in return for an honest review.

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