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Baby Girl (Memory House Series) (Volume 4) - Bette Lee Crosby

Bette Lee Crosby is an award winning author whose stories are filled with southern charm and Baby Girl is the fourth book in the Memory House series.


Looking at the sweet cover, you would think this is going to be a happy story, but I must tell you, Bette Lee Crosby writes tear jerkers and you WILL want a box of tissues handy.


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I have been reading Bette Lee Crosby’s books for years, so I was very happy to read about some new characters and some familiar characters in her new novel, Baby Girl. Her characters come to life and I feel their pain and their joy. Her writing wrings emotions from me and require tissues, so be prepared.


Baby Girl deals with a young woman’s decision to place her baby up for adoption. She wants the best for her child and there is a couple who wants to give her child the best they have to offer.


Cheryl Ann struggles and I loved watching her grow from a naive girl to a grown woman. Her trials and tribulations ring true and when she met Nick even I swooned and I don’t believe I’ve ever used that word before. Then, I laughed at what came next.


Yeah, I saw that coming, nope didn’t see that. Scumbag…when IT happens I am the kind of person that thinks, “Is he going to pay for that?” Baby Girl shines a dark light on men and their character…or lack thereof.

Cheryl Ann’s journey will take her to Memory House and I know good things happen there.



So many thoughts went through my mind as I read Baby Girl. Things like, people have baggage and sometimes act out instead of sharing and letting it go…A good lesson is don’t be too quick to judge…Funny how our perspective changes from the dreams of youth to grown up reality.


I myself have learned that you never know what a smile or a simple gesture of kindness can do.


The story and characters seem so real and I felt many emotions as I read along. That is not surprising with Bette Lee Crosby’s writing. She has a way with words that make me get so involved with the characters that I want only the best for them…or should I say most of them.


I received a copy of Baby Girl from Bette Lee Crosby in return for an honest review.

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