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Storm of Arranon - R E Sheahan


Title: Storm of Arranon

Author: R. E. Sheahan

Publisher: Rule of Three Press

Pages: 300

Genre: YA Science Fiction/Fantasy




I have seen Storm of Aaranon by R E Shehan around for some time now and was curious, so when this tour came up I decided now is the time. My sister, Laura @ fuonlyknew had all the books, so the one I didn’t have, I borrowed from her.


I love covers and this is an interesting one. There is a lot going on and I wonder who is good and who is bad.


I didn’t anticipate the story inside. Intense…from the opening sentence. So you better buckle up because this may be a bumpy ride.


Erynn is special, but she doesn’t know it. There is a lot she doesn’t know, as her enemies come after her. She had been secretive and isolated, alone because of her differences. She’d always done her best to control and conceal her powers, feeling there was something wrong with her. That she was a freak. Sounds like a real person, doesn’t it? She thought she was the only one…


I love the magic, the creatures and her connection to the world of Aaranon. A combination of elements gives this read a freshness and conveys the innocence and goodness of Erynn. She grows and develops into a confident and independent woman, believing in herself and the ability to GET IT DONE or die trying.


There was one part with Faylen that I would have loved to have seen developed more. I grew to care for him and his ability to change his mind when the facts were in. I couldn’t quit thinking about him.


Storm of Aaranon by R E Sheahan is a mashup of science fiction and the paranormal with nature having its share of input in a big way. The story could have ended here, except for…


I debated about the rating, because I like a lot of depth, detail, blood and guts, but this is a perfect read for the target audience, teens and young adults. So, with that in mind…4 stars.


I received a copy of Storm of Aaranon from R E Sheahan in return for an honest review.


4 Stars



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