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Fire and Ice  - R.E. Sheahan

Storm of Aaranon, Book II, Fire and Ice by R E Sheahan




The story could have ended with Book I, except for Dhoran, the evil leader of Aaranon’s Underworld.


I read this three book series, one after the other. Once I began, I had to know…


As evil plumbs the depths, I am looking for some serious…stuff to happen. Dhoran’s goal was to seduce Erynn to the dark side. He definitely underestimated her.


Her powers and the danger mounts, so does the suspense and my anticipation of what comes next.


Erynn doesn’t seek trouble, but she does what she feels she has to, no apologies, recruiting followers along the way.


The story gets better, the dangers grow, love blooms and the adventure continues…above ground and below.

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4 Stars



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