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Bewitched - Nancy Fraser

The fun cover of Bewitched by Nancy Fraser was impossible for me to resist.


I love all the colorful elements.




Bewitched by Nancy Fraser



GENRE: Vintage (1960s) Historical





The cover for Bewitched by Nancy Fraser immediately caught my eye. I am a sucker for a pretty cover, so how can I resist such a fun, colorful one. Bewitched is a quick and entertaining romance.


A new man moves into the neighborhood and love is in the air.


He peeks out the window at her. She peeks out the window at him. Have you ever snuck a glance at some cutie, only to see he/she is sneaking a glance at you?


This light, yet sexual tension filled romance is predictable, but the bumps along the road leading to the happy ever after are filled with fingerpaints and upchucking, childhood hijinks, courting and falling in love.


I loved the characters from the beginning. She’s sweet, he’s hot and the peripheral characters play their part in fleshing out this fun filled novella that I would highly recommend.


I received a copy of Bewitched from Nancy Fraser.


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