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Strong Cold Dead: A Caitlin Strong Novel (Caitlin Strong Novels) - Jon Land

Strong Cold Dead

by Jon Land




Jon Land writes a great story and Strong Cold Dead is the latest in his Caitlin Strong series. These novels will stand alone, but if you are just starting the series, I would always recommend beginning at the beginning.  Don’t want to miss anything, do you?


Politics and resentment create a hostile situation for Caitlin when she arrives on the scene of a riot, but that doesn’t stop her from taking action. And…that is only the beginning.


Jon Land’s Caitlin Strong novels are always on my reading list. I know I can’t go wrong and look forward to hours of action and adventure with Caitlin, a Strong and confident female character that defies death.


Caitlin is surrounded by characters who will grip you with their bravery and determination to get the job done, no matter the cost.


From Texas, to Canada, to Iraq, and back again, the evil doesn’t smack you in the face, but subtlely infuses itself into the story. Ghosts, Native American mysticism, terro

rists and monsters rise to a crescendo that leaves me racing to the end, wanting to know…who will live and who will die.


Seeing the terrorism is on United States soil, I felt even more fear…for all of us…because I do believe things ‘like’ this could happen at any time.

I received an ARC of Strong Cold Dead from Jon Land.



Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars


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