Last Train From Perdition by Robert McCammon @MacCammon

Last Train from Perdition (I Travel By Night) - Robert R. McCammon

Last Train From Perdition is only one of the many stories Robert McCammon has to tell.

If you love some vampires with your horror, you’ll want to check him out.


If you have read I Travel by Night by Robert McCammon, and have been waiting for the next adventure in the series, then your wait is over. Book II, Last Train From Perdition is now available for pre-order and has a publishing date of October 31, 2016. I have not read the first book, but don’t feel it made a difference in my reading enjoyment.


Cover:  Michael Whelan

Publisher:  Subterranean Press






I won this ARC of Robert McCammon in the black and white scifi/fantasy/horror novella surprise giveaway at Little Red Reviewer. Thanks Andrea. I am very excited to read it. Robert McCammon’s name is familiar to me and he is a prolific author of horror.


Last Train from Perdition is the second novella in the I Travel By Night series. I don’t feel like it made any difference in the reading by not having read the first novella, but I sure do want to now.


Trevor is a vampire, but not the vicious, human killing kind, though he does have a mighty thirst for blood…he drinks cattle blood, but it is a constant struggle to keep to that. He takes on a “job” to recover a man’s errant son, who wants to come home, from a gang of Wild West killers and teams up with Ann to do it. Just think of having a sidekick like Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane. Together they must fight the Dark Society to accomplish their mission. The battle is vicious, savage, and lethal for humans and vampires alike. These are not your run of the mill vampires and Robert McCammon has many surprises in store for us in this original storyline that makes me love Trevor and see why Ann will sacrifice her life to help him. If you need another gun you guys…I’m in. Last Train from Perdition by Robert McCammon left me SCREAMING for more.

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