Vigilantism With A Twist – She Bites by #RogerArsht & #CaitlinHawker

She Bites - Caitlin Hawker, Roger Arsht

She Bites by Roger Arsht & Caitlin Hawker has such a cool cover and fantastic blurb, there is no way I could pass on this vigilante thriller novel. I would like to thank Roger, Caitlin and Archway Publishing for the opportunity to read and review She Bites.


She Bites has a bit of a twist, so keep reading to find out why.


Does this cover talk to you as loud as it talks to me?


She Bites


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She Bites by Roger Arsht & Caitlin Hawker is my kind of thriller. I am always on the lookout for a new twist to  a familiar story and they supply a fantastic one.


She Bites is action packed from the get-go and I love it. Dog fighting is a cruel ‘sport’ and I do not understand how anyone can get any enjoyment from treating an animal that only wants to please with such cruelty.


Want to take a walk on the dark side…read on.


Dr Robyn Sparks is not only a veterinarian, but a vigilante, doling out punishment to animal abusers. Having critters in a book adds a special little something for me and increases my enjoyment.


I love that Robyn Sparks cares so much for animals that she will stand up for them when others don’t. She is a strong, determined woman, and after my own heart.


She wants them to feel the pain and she dishes it out with a vengeance. She is a female Dexter.


Would I go that far? Would you?


Have you pissed her off? Wellllll, if you have, she will be paying you a visit and She Bites. It WILL be hazardous to your health!


When Jack Williams, a detective with his own issues, comes into her life, it becomes even more complicated.


Two damaged souls are drawn together…by a dog. Their terrors may be different, but their motives are the same.


Is one bad and the other good? Yin and yang?


When dealing with vigilantism, moral questions are raised.


Justice…is it legal…illegal? What would happen if everyone took the law into their own hands?


I don’t see how this can end well, but I want it to.


The writing makes the story flow smoothly and the suspense is a nail biter. How can he not figure out what is really going on with her? How can she keep her secret? Will the authors be able to put their thinking caps on and come up with an ending that I will be happy with, yet find ‘believable?’ That you will find ‘believable? All I can say is…you will have to read it for yourself to find out.


I love it, will highly recommend it, and I will be looking for more of their work.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of She Bites from Roger Arsht, Caitlin Hawker and Archway Publishing.


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars


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