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Turning to Stone (Roma Series Book 4) - Gabriel Valjan

This is my fourth book in the series, Turning To Stone by Gabriel Valjan and each book got better and better.


If you like complex stories and characters that grow on you, this series is a must read..


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The Roma Series continues in Turning To Stone by Gabriel Valjan and starts out with a BANG!


I am on familiar ground with Turning To Stone…The Mob. I have read a lot of organized crime novels, and Turning To Stone has everything I look for…corruption, betrayal, brutality, wholesale slaughter and assassins, female, no less. I love that twist and, for me, it doesn’t happen often enough.


But this is not the organized crime of Al Capone’s day. They are going legit and manipulating events through money, so be careful about investing in the stock market. LOL


Gabriel Valjan’s series keeps getting better and better.  The writing flows smoother for me, the pacing and suspense picking up to a level that makes it hard to put the book down.


Some surprising turns at the end make me realize how strong and determined Bianca and her cohorts are. They have questions and WILL NOT stop until they have the answers, no matter the cost to themselves.


I enjoyed Turning To Stone the most…so far…and I am so glad I stuck with the series!

Action packed with OMG moments. The brutal, tragic ending left me feeling very sad and I can hardly wait to see where we go from here.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Threading The Needle from Gabriel Valjan.

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