One Sentence Review – Peace by Piece by Carol Fragale Brill @carol_brill

Peace by Piece - Carol Fragale Brill

One of my goals this year is to read through all the paperbacks I won that are stacked around the house. I won this signed paperback last year and it was a wonderful surprise when I finally got around to reading it.


I love this beautiful cover. Are you a beachy person?


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Peace by Piece deals with some series issues…insecurities, eating disorders and settling for less, but Maggie is a wonderful character that makes the hard choices and the writing creates a rollercoaster ride of emotions that read as if this could be a true story.

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GOODREADS BLURB:  Peace by Piece deals with unshakable first love, family, relationships, the difficulties of being a stepparent—all shadowed by the curse of anorexia/bulimia.



Six years after fleeing college and Thomas’s betrayal, Maggie has nearly given up on love.
Enter Izzie, a motherless eight year old, and every maternal instinct kicks-in. With Donald, Izzie’s dad, Maggie waits for the thrill—for anything magic: a spark, a quickening, a quiver racing up her spine. The magic never comes, but it is precisely the ordinariness of his kisses and subsequent proposal that make her feel safe. She imagines that loving Izzie is enough to finally lock Thomas out of her heart.


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