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Deadly Spirits - E. Michael Helms

I am a huge fan of E Michael Helm’s character, Mac McClellan and he is back in Deadly Spirits.


Check out this awesome cover!


Does it make you think of ghosts and hauntings?



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Cover:  Sabrina Sun

Publisher:  Camel Press



Mac and Kate are back in Deadly Spirits and this time we will be hanging out with the Palmetto Paranormal Society investigating the haunted Navarro Hotel.


I haven’t met Mac in person…yet, but seeing as how he hangs around the Florida Panhandle, it may happen. His investigations lead to danger and mayhem. His personality and the fact that he lives in a trailer always makes me think of the Rockford Files and Magnum PI. He’s a bit old fashioned where it really matters, loyal and trustworthy. Even a bit of a prude…He even has a Dobie, my favorite breed of dog. So much is familiar to me, marinas, woods, fire towers, lighthouses, hauntings…


Action and mystery abound and Mac is on the case. E Michael Helms always includes some humor and I do love chuckles with my murder.


The downside to his job, he has a hard time collecting payment before his clients kick the bucket.


Mac has a hard time taking the whole ghost thing seriously, until…the scream. I am a skeptic too. As they walk around with their ghostly equipment and asking the spirits questions, I would be hard put not to crack up laughing.


I loved everything about Deadly Spirits by E Michael Helms. He has included a lot of extras besides the mystery…a critter to fall in love with, a dash of the psychotic and a pinch of the paranormal…a recipe for success.


I love Mac and this is my favorite adventure…so far. Michael has brought him a long way, making him more complex in his simplicity. I can hardly wait for more!


It’s New Year’s Eve 2016 and between football and the year end fireworks, I cannot quit reading.

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