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Mexican Hat Trick (The Blackfox Chronicles Book 4) - TS ONeil, Suzanne O'Neil

Mexican Hat Trick by T S O’Neil looks like so much fun, so I had to share it with you.


For some reason it made me think of Magnum PI.


I think, from looking at the cover, Eddie is in for TROUBLE.


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Mexican Hat Trick by T.S. O’Neil

GENRE: Contemporary, Action/Adventure






Mexican Hat Trick by T S O’Neil far surpassed my expectations. I thought it would be a fun, sorta cozy murder mystery, but we go deeper and darker than the cover made me think we would.


Chewy was looking for a get rich quick scheme so he could retire in style. His solution…the sale of information. It cost him his life.


Michael Blackfox is an ex Marine, a beer drinking, tequila shooting, gun totin’ badass. He walks the wild and sometimes illegal side of the law. No surprise in that when you meet his parents.


He earns money as a bodyguard for his PI friend, which he dumps into his boat (Break Out Another Thousand). This time it will turn into a murder investigation in the wild and turbulent land of Mexico.


He gets shot at, blown up…travels by car, plane, horse and whatever other conveyance they come across…the death and destruction follows in his wake.


Mexican Hat Trick is an action packed thriller, with plenty of murder, blood and guts. To me, the more there is, the better the story.


His gang is a cast of characters that stand firmly at his side, just as determined as he is to find out What The Hell Is Going On…


Mexican Hat Trick proves that you can’t judge a book by its cover. What I thought would be a light and comical mystery is NOT. The villains will stop at nothing and the action reads as if this is taking place in the Wild West, no laws and no authorities to enforce them.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Mexican Hat Trick by T S O’Neil.

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