What Are You Afraid Of? Agoraphobic by Sara Secora @SaraSecora @YABoundToursPR

Agoraphobic: Inside Out - Sara Secora, Sara Secora, Sara Secora

Love the cover for this short story, Agoraphobic by Sara Secora.


What are you afraid of?



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Agoraphobic: Inside Out
by Sara Secora
A short story – 11 pages
Release Date: January 30th 2017




 I think most of us fear something, but you would have to walk a mile in Kade’s shoes to understand his terror of the outside world. I kept hoping he would take just one more step…


I think Sara Secora did a wonderful job describing his Agoraphic illness, and it is an illness.


So…be careful of judging someone for their idiosyncracies…it could happen to you.

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