One Sentence Review for Red Sky by Chris Goff @christinegoff

Red Sky: A Raisa Jordan Thriller - Chris Goff

Red Sky: A Raisa Jordan Thriller by Chris Goff is a novel that deals with conspiracy and terrorism in Russia and China.


I won Red Sky Book II in the Raisa Jordan Thriller series, and Chris Goff’s debut novel, Dark Waters. You can see my review for Dark Waters, Book I, HERE.


Thanks to Peg B and Chris Goff.


Red Sky (Raisa Jordan Thriller #2)

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The Russians and Chinese are willing to take down a plane to stop the delivery of an envelope and Raisa must handle this delicately to avoid a Cold War…but she carries a big stick and knows how to use it in this frightening, intriguing, action packed spy thriller filled with danger and betrayal at every turn.


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When People’s Republic Flight 91 crashes in northeastern Ukraine with a U.S. diplomatic agent onboard, U.S. Diplomatic Security Service Agent Raisa Jordan is sent to investigate. The agent was escorting a prisoner home from Guangzhou, China, along with sensitive documents, and it quickly becomes apparent that the plane was intentionally downed. Was it to silence the two Americans onboard?


To avoid a diplomatic incident, Jordan must discover what the Americans knew that was worth killing hundreds to cover up. With Russia deeply entangled in the Ukraine and the possibility that China could be hiding reasons to bring down its own plane, tensions are high.


As international relations and even more lives hang in the balance, Jordan races to stop a new Cold War. Red Sky, Chris Goff’s pulse-pounding follow-up to Dark Waters, is yet another white-knuckle joyride for fans of Gayle Lynds.


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