Let’s Take A Magical Trip – A Dragon’s Tale: The Prophecy by Mark Boyd #MarkBoyd

A Dragon's Tale - The Prophecy - Book 1 (A Dragons Tale) - Mark Boyd

I was caught at a glance…The Prophecy, book I of A Dragon’s Tale trilogy, by Mark Boyd.


Book II is out and Book III is in progress.


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The Prophecy (A Dragon's Tale, #1)


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A fresh, original, and fabulous story about one of my favorite supernatural creatures, The Dragon.


Go out for a fish dinner – dragonstyle.


How many fish does it take to fill a dragon?


Always time for a little humor.


We begin with action and I am hooked. The couples story captured my full attention as they struggled to understand the prophecy.


Prince Leandro…she saved him, and he is the only human who had developed such feelings of love for Faeries.


They met and fell in love, but don’t get too comfortable.


Mark Boyd a shapeshifting dragon love story to a new level and to write this as a man surprised me most of all. He creates an antagonist who is so filled with greed and the need for power that he will stoop to the lowest levels of humanity to get what he wants. He does add a layer to the story that I didn’t see coming and it smacks of magical science fiction.


The character development and world building took me deep into the fantasy. Once I almost felt like I was flying with the majestic dragons, banking, diving, shooting up the face of the mountain for play and training. Think Avatar.


Vampires, trolls, werehounds, sirens, shapeshifting dragon, healer. An awesome collection of supernaturals.  Magic visions, graphic and gruesome deaths.


Bliss and sorrow. Good and evil.


Even though it starts out with a storyline that is predictable, Mark Boyd adds plenty of fresh, original twists that kept me enthralled as I wondered what will come next. Give me more, please.


I voluntarily reviewed a free Arc of The Prophecy by Mark Boyd.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars


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