One Sentence Review – Dead by Dawn by Bret Wellman #BretWellman

Dead by Dawn: A Vampire Horror Thriller Novel - Bret Wellman

Bret Wellman and I have some Halloween Horror coming your way in this fabulous vampire apocalypse, Dead by Dawn.


Dead by Dawn

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You’ll want some fire, some wood, some silver, some holy water and a cross to deal with these old time vampires since Bret Wellman has done a fantastic job of coming up with some new, gut wrenching ways to die in an apocalypse, and I fear for all the characters, especially the one that holds my name, Sherry…Hits a little too close to home in what has turned out to be one of my favorite vampire stories.

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At first it appeared to be a normal sickness, but when the bodies began to drop, the nightmare rose.


When a video goes viral of a man’s dead son walking around, people begin to speculate. These speculations only continue to grow as a new virus sweeps its way across the east coast, killing thousands. It soon appears that someone is trying to contain this disease, snatching almost every infected body during the night. As the government steps in, the people become aware that they are under attack from something much worse than a virus. Now they must ban together and fight for their lives against the creatures of the night.


Filled with suspense, fright, and action, Dead by Dawn is sure to be one of the best vampire fiction novels of the year. One of the greatest vampire plagues that you’re not going to want to miss!

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