One Sentence Review – Sinking Stones in the Sky by Mike Purfield @MEPurfield

Sinking Stones in the Sky (Miki Radicci Book 8/Lorelei Cox Book 2) - M.E. Purfield


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WHOA, might think about calling the cops after reading about murder, a psychopath, child abuse, pedophiles, a porno ring…that started kind of slow and not so great in the beginning, but hang in there because these two feisty, strong girls will take you to a great ending.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Sinking Stones in the Sky by M E Purfield.

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In the 8th book of M.E. Purfield’s addictive noir fantasy series, two characters from two different novels come together to find a killer and break a chain of evil.


Miki Radicci, a teen psychic who can experience one’s pain and death, lives in Manhattan where she tries to drown her past sins and guilt.


Lorelei Cox (Party Girl Crashes the Rapture), a recovering addict, lives in Jersey City with her one true love and works as a waitress, far from the dark past that almost killed her.


When Lorelei is accused of killing a police officer, Miki spares no expense in helping her friend prove her innocence. The girls soon discover a child pornography operation from out of the past that is run by a demon that will bind them forever.


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