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Crimson Dahlia - Abigail Owen


Crimson Dahlia is Book III of the Svatura Series by Abigail Owen.


Filled with magic and supernatural beings in a world fraught with danger.


The covers of the series are done by Debbie Taylor. Fabulous job, Debbie.


Crimson Dahlia (Svatura, #3)

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The battle continues from Hyacinth into Crimson Dahlia, Book III of the Svatura Series by Abigail Owen. This is Lila and Ramsey’s story, and I am eager to hear it.


Lila is locked up, half dressed, being kept in a cold dark pit, yet her snark shines through her chattering teeth. Now that is some great writing, Abigail. Lila’s personality is big and bold and I love it.


How long can she survive? Why is she not able to use her magic to escape…or at least send a telepathic message for help.


Ramsey is a firestarter and he has a special connection to her. He will stop at nothing to find her. She just has to hang on until he can get there.


The characters are not immortal, but can live for thousands of years. The one hundred year old kids go to school, playing at normal. I wonder…do they ever get bored?


All hell breaks loose…people are going missing and cannot be found. They know who is at fault, they just don’t know why. And can they destroy him, before he destroys them?


If sheer stubbornness were a successful strategy, no one would ever mess with this family. Especially the women.


I loved the battles, filled with magics of every type you can imagine. I can hardly wait to see the conclusion.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Crimson Dahlia by Abigail Owen.

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The Svatura Series


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