Treasure Hunting for the City of Gold by Carolyn Arnold @Carolyn_Arnold

City of Gold (Matthew Connor Adventure Series) - Carolyn Arnold

Carolyn Arnold can sure spin a tale and I am very eager to hunt for the City of Gold.


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I love treasure hunting and am very excited to travel to South America to search for the Lost City of Gold with Carolyn Arnold.


Matthew was the reason Cal was the Indiana Jones type, a modern day treasure hunter. An adrenaline junkie and thrill seeker. Danger is part of his game.


Matthew, and his friends, Cal and Robyn…could danger have followed them home?


Sophie has ‘feelings’ and they are not good ones.


Have you heard of the Lost City of Gold? Carolyn Arnold made me curious enough, I had to Google Patiti, Bolivia and El Dorado. Check it out for yourself.


Due to circumstances beyond their control, their journey is thrown together, with less research and planning than the other adventures they had been on.


Danger looms from more than the jungle.


She came from his past and all their lives are on the line.


A cross between Indiana Jones and the Lost World, without the dinosaurs, add a kidnapping, and a lot of action and adventure in the jungle and I find it impossible to go wrong with City of Gold by Carolyn Arnold. I loved the book and I am super excited to have my hands on the next adventure in the series, The Secret of the Last Pharaoh.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of City of Gold by Carolyn Arnold.

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