Truth Or Fiction? Reagan’s Redemption by Cate Beauman @CateBeauman

Reagan's Redemption - Cate Beauman


Reagan’s Redemption by Cate Beauman is Book Eight of The Bodyguards of L A County Series. I have read One through Seven and Reagan’s Redemption really blew me away.


We start off with this awesome cover by Demonza


Reagan's Redemption (The Bodyguards of L.A. County, #8)

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Man, oh man, I read a lot of romantic suspense and Cate Beauman has to be up there with the best of them. Right off the bat, Cate has me teary eyed, with throat tightening emotions threatening to burst forth, when Reagan deals with a terrible loss in the Emergency Room.


That is how she ends up in the back woods of Black Bear Gap, a coal mining town in Kentucky, working as a doctor for The Appalachian Project. And…of course we must have security. Enter, Shane, a newbie at Ethan Cooke Security, there to protect her.


I love Cate Beauman’s characters, who often make cameo appearances in other’s stories, and I knew I would love Reagan and her friends too. I so look forward to seeing how she overcomes her hardships, meets the hunky guy who will fall in love with her and risk his life to protect her, and how she survives the danger that I am sure is coming her way.


Suspicion, prejudice, and oh so much more are standing in the way of Reagan being able to help the people with their medical needs. When Henry makes his evil entrance, it takes them a while, with the help of the Bodyguards in L A, to figure out what’s really going on.


I love that it takes place in the hills and it reads as if it could, would, or has been true. Innocent, hard working people are being treated wrong and someone comes in, risking everything, to make it right. Bullets fly, people die and I wonder where it will all end.


Cate really got a lot of emotions going in me, because I feel this really did happen to workers in the mining industry and I see no reason why people are still crawling underground, digging out the last remnants of an obsolete form of energy…other than greed.


I love Reagan’s makeshift family and their storybook life, but when real life danger butts its ugly head in…my heart falls to my gut and I wonder where Cate is taking this. How could Shane…well…enter Chase…WTH Cate?????


Reagan’s Redemption is not your run of the mill romantic suspense novel…girl in trouble meets hunky guy, saves her, falls in love, rebuff each other, admit defeat, and, well, you know, they live happy ever after.


The mystery, suspense, and danger come in waves, at times like a tsunami, threatening to overwhelm me. I LOVE IT!!!!!


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Reagan’s Redemption by Cate Beauman.

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