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To Tame A Wild Heart  - Gwen Mitchell



The cover for To Tame A Wild Heart by Gwen Mitchell is gorgeous. I love the colors that pop off the page. What do you think? Does it catch your eye and make you want to know more?


To Tame a Wild Heart (Zyne Legacy #1)

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Tonight’s the night. She’s leaving this shithole dungeon that is Parkview Sanitarium.


Start by shedding the straight jacket she is wearing. Time to put her powers to work. I love her ability to become invisible. I think that would be so cool. Just think of all the things you could do.


Corvin has been trained in the way of the Synod, but he wants no part of it. He is a falconer, a bird whisperer, if you will. He just wants to take care of his birds and be left alone. UNTIL…


His mother demands that he do his part by mentoring someone and Audrey just happens to make an appearance. Snatched out of the sky after jumping from a window to escape the sanitarium, she ends up here. But, where is here? Secrets will be revealed in due time. Til then…


She will take the knowledge they can teach her, but she won’t drink the Kool Aid. She curses a lot…and, well, I can relate to that. lol


Audrey is strong, patient, determined, loyal, and though she is damaged, she knows the difference between right and wrong. She keeps her guard up, sleeps with one eye open, and trusts no one. She will do what is necessary to achieve her goals. Her and Corvin have more in common than either knows.


I think a romance is brewing. The attraction is mutual, though they both try to deny it. It is a slow brewing love. As they train together, learn to work together, finally trust each other, she reveals her mission. Lilly. She promised Lilly to return for her.

“Please…be good.”

“No promises. I don’t play well with others.”

“Neither do I.”

To Tame A Wild Heart by Gwen Mitchell has all the goodies I look for in a paranormal romance. Heroes, demons, battles, good and bad and in between, love and romance, sadness and happiness and lots of action from the opening pages to keep me reading.

There will be more to this series and I am eagerly waiting to see what comes next.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of To Tame A Wild Heart by Gwen Mitchell.

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