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The Nightmare Room - Chris Sorensen

The Nightmare Room

The Messy Man Series

Book One

Chris Sorensen


Genre: Paranormal Fiction


Publisher: Harmful Monkey Press


Date of Publication: 1/25/2018


ISBN: 978-0998342412

ASIN: B07943P5S8


Number of pages: 273

Word Count: 45,000



Tagline: The past is always present in the Nightmare Room.




I love it…Don’t go in the basement. LOL Bad things happen in the basements of horror novels and I must admit, at least through words, I want to be one of the first to venture into the dark, dank depths of the abyss.


Once you read The Nightmare Room, you will realize how appropriate the tag line is to the story.


As soon as Peter Larson returned to his home town, Maple City, I knew…it’s on. The scenario made me think of Steven King and I am eager to see if Chris Sorensen can meet my expectations.


Peter’s life is messy and it’s not getting any better since the move. One problem after another. Isn’t that life for all of us? Peter is the thinker, Hannah is the doer.


Hannah thinks positive, when she sees the house:


A broke place we can put back together.


I wonder how long she’ll be saying that. LOL


Peter thinks:


This was every house in every horror movie he’d ever seen.


He saw the padlock and I thought, walk away dude. Don’t open that door. Don’t do it….then I thought, DO IT. DO IT. DO IT, as a big smile lit up my face. Oh yeah, some call me Scary Sherry and I’m proud of it!


A haunted house, yes, but it is so much more than that. Peter meets it up close and personal, while Hannah is along for the ride.


The suspense and anticipation kept me flipping the pages. Plenty of chills, thrills, and bumps in the night. First I feared for Peter, then Hannah, who would not let him face IT alone.


The story seemed familiar, but, it didn’t stay that way. I love the spin Chris Sorensen


gave The Nightmare Room, and the ending…Well done. In the last chapter, each page unfolded giving more delight than the last. Surprised me and I dare say it will surprise you too.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Nightmare Room by Chris Sorensen.


4 Stars




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