Have You Ever Been…Jinxed by Donna Augustine @donnaugustine

Jinxed (Karma) (Volume 2) - Donna Augustine


The covers for the Karma series are FABULOUS.

Would you choose a book for that reason alone?


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First thing, I would recommend reading the Karma series in order. I started Jinxed some time after reading Karma and it took me a while to refresh my memory of where I left off. After that, though, the book took off and Karma is leading me down a twisted and dangerous path.


Karma has an attitude and it gets her in a lot of trouble. She is stubborn, mule headed, independent and determined to do it herself. She is snarky with a big chip on her shoulder. God help those who cross her when it is time to pay the piper.


The characters straddle the world between the living and the dead. That doesn’t mean they don’t like hot sex and good food. Can you kill a dead person? Do you believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy? How about Murphy, Lady Luck, Fate? Kitty has her black cats, except for one, Smoke, who is gray now that he’s retired. Jockey has his Night Mares, which Karma will be one of the few to meet, other than us, the readers. Mother Nature, you really don’t want to piss her off.


Paddy plays an important, but somewhat, cameo role. He thinks Karma could be the one to save them and time is running out for him.


The Guardians of the doors, that allow for transport between the worlds, don’t have many friends, but Karma is one of them. She found their sweet spot and it will pay off in her times of need.


I love how everyone runs from Cupid when they see him coming. LOL Don’t want him messing with your love life…or do you?


Everything she went through as a transfer, all the confusion, Karma felt they needed a manual to make it easier for everyone. After all, humans have job description, don’t they?


Seeing Jinxed is the second book in the series, I don’t want to tell you too much, but I laughed, cringed, and raced my way through it.


Do you believe? Is there more to life and death than meets the eye? Do you want there to be more? Which role would you want to play in the world of transfers? There will be a job available, because they do retire.


The Karma series has captured me and transferred me to a place where I can have one foot in the our world and one foot in theirs.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Jinxed by Donna Augustine.


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