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Gypsy Blood - Jeff Gunhus

Gypsy Blood
Jeff Gunhus
Publication date: May 1st 2018
Genres: Adult, Horror




I love the creepy cover for Gypsy Blood and Jeff Gunhus writes some great stories, so I am eager to begin reading.


Corbin is sitting at a cafe minding his own business, suffering writers block and trying to come up with something, when in walks a dame. Sounds cliche, but Margo is not just any dame.


The death of the old man brings about strange happenings, strange men, and danger with a capital D, which will dog his every step.


I think I know what will happen, but Jeff doesn’t make it so simple. This is so not what I was expecting and I do love surprises when it comes to my reading material.


Evil oozes off the pages and I wonder if they will make it out alive and in what shape they will be in, if they do. Corbin and Margo must work together, though neither trusts the other.


I thought Stephen King writes great stories of raising the dead, but he has nothing on Jeff Gunhus in Gypsy Blood and if you are a horror lover, like I am, this is one book and author you will want on your reading list.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Gypsy Blood by Jeff Gunhus.

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