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Escaping Memories - Amanda Siegrist


The cover for Escaping Memories by Amanda Siegrist is simple, yet poignant.

I love that it says so much with so little and the author is the creator.


Cover by Amanda Siegrist


Escaping Memories (Lucky Town #1)


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In the small town of Lucky, a young child of ten has been murdered and Sheriff Logan Caldwell will not take a badly needed vacation until it has been handled. Then, it’s off to his cabin in the woods. His place of tranquility. He needed some peace and quiet, some solitude. He walks in, only to find he is not alone.


There is a woman and she needs his help. She has no memories, amnesia. She doesn’t know how or why is she here, she just knows danger is out there and she’s not going anywhere.


Even with the characters fear coming through, Amanda Siegrist writes with humor and lightness.


The immediate hook is great, the story line predictable…but who is the bad guy? At 24%, have I met him yet? I don’t think so, and I do have my eyes wide open. It’s a very small town and I would think he is no stranger to the area. He took her, used and abused her, but somehow she managed to escape. In the back of my mind, a thought persists, will he get his hands on her again?


I love strong women in distress. There is a sweet innocence about her. She has been hurt, terrorized, a childlike woman who needs a protector to help her find her way back to herself. Her naivety and honesty comes through in Amanda Siegrist’s storytelling. Even though their relationship develops quickly, she makes it seem as if it is natural, easy, real, well you know, sort of real.


A subtle menace lurks in the background.


Logan is the man I would want to run into if I were in her situation. He is chivalrous. I find the word perfectly describes him. He will not hurt her or take advantage of her. He is patient, gentle, tender, loving, putting her first in all things.


The peripheral characters have important roles to play and their well developed personalities shine through.


Even though I tend to favor darker and grittier novels, Amanda Siegrist made it easy to get lost in Escaping Memories, with suspense and humor that kept me turning the pages. I didn’t always know where we were going, and I like that she kept me guessing. The characters were easy to relate to and drew me into their lives, wanting to know if everyone makes it out of this mess in a good way…except for the bad guy, of course. He needs his comeuppance.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Escaping Memories by Amanda Siegrist.

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